Via Homesick Texan, here’s how to make your very own homemade Bacon Jam!  How awesome is this?  It’s like Bacon to Go!  Think of the possibilities– bacon on crackers at work, bacon spread for your favorite sports arena food.  This will be food that feeds the Fat Kid Revolution!



In original:

And remix!

via the always wonderful TBTL radio show podcast.  Rawr!

Here’s how this is going to work: Every Friday I’m going to post a culinary guilty pleasure– you know, something that you know is SO wrong for you health-wise, yet you can’t help but indulge yourself. The idea is that anyone can comment on this note, so long as it is a Fat Kid Confession. There is to be NO JUDGING! We are to let our Fat Freak Flags Fly!

So for this week, I’ll kick it off with:
PMP full sui

Sometimes, when I miss  Hot Truck from my college days in Ithaca, I will go to a store and buy two deluxe Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas. So far,so good, but so what?  Here’s the Fat Kid Part: After heating the pizzas up, I will then put various deli meats, toppings and dressings in between them.  (What you see above is the PMP, or Poor Man’s Pizza from Hot Truck.  It is a  “Full Sui” or Full Suicide version of the PMP, which means top it with EVERYTHING.  It has also been “Run It Through the Garden”– throw lettuce on it).  Now that’s essentially what I do at home to the Stouffer’s, with the contents of my deli drawer.  I have no shame . . .

And now its up to you, intertubes!   What’s your Fat Kid Friday Confession?  Comment away!

Ladies and gentlemen, an account of the Fois Gras Jelly Donut.   Also, I am going to Portland in all possible haste to eat at Le Pigeon.

Fois Gras Jelly Donut

From Awkward Family Photos:


I now know what the dudes in my wedding party are going to wear when I get married. (Thanks to Rebecca for the link!)

Burger King’s Latest Ad:


Home of the Whopper, indeed.  Stay classy, BK, stay classy

Michael Ruhlman has a recipe post up at his blog for an edible bowl for your ice cream sundae, made out of chocolate chip cookie dough.  The best part about it is that it was his son who was the culinary genius that came up with this idea– Way to go, Daddy’s Little Fatty!

Cookie Cup

This got me to thinking back to our old friend, the Bacon Cup (from the deconstructed BLT sandwich)–remember him?  (which rteminds me, I really need to get the archive in shape for the blog!)

Bacon cup

So how many other food cup ideas are out there?  I remember fellow Fat Kid Tim Parker once suggested Meat Loaf Cupcakes, with mashed potato “frosting.”  Turns out, they exist (There is nothing new under the Fat Kid sun, apparently) and actually look delicious AND charming as all get out!  See for yourself-


There is, of course, the old standby of the chili bread bowl (also used for soups and stews) but what other ideas are there for food served in food?   That is my challenge to you, fellow Fatlings!  Post ideas in the comments section below and I’ll follow up in a few weeks with the best of our ideas and findings.  Get cracking, chubbies!  Until then, keep the Fat Kid fires burning!

chili bread bowl